Admitted students receive a 4-year full-time scholarship paid by the University/Ministry of Education.  The scholarship amounts to 17,500€ gross per year (15,503€ net) and is paid on a monthly basis. Scholarships are automatically renewed conditional on student’s execution of yearly activities and his/her admission to the following year. The monthly amount of the scholarship is increased by 50% during visiting periods to other academic institutions of no less than 1 month and no more than 18 months.

The 4-year official scholarship starts on the 1st of November. Recipients of the official scholarship who attend the preparatory courses in person, which will take place in September and October, get an additional scholarship from the Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto to cover the period of attendance for these courses.  The amount of this interim scholarship will be determined based on the budget availability of the Collegio Carlo Alberto and gets proportionally adjusted for part time staying.

All admitted students receive additional research funds (7,000€ over the 4 years) for carrying out research-related activities (i.e., attending conferences, workshops, summer or winter schools).

Additional financial support takes the form of teaching assistantships with official calls from the University and/or the Collegio Carlo Alberto, and research assistantships (usually administered by professors through their research funds).

Tuition fees  amount to € 157 per year. Conditions for fee waivers are disciplined in the specific international agreements/MoUs.