Curricula in Economics (ECON), Economics and Complexity (ECOM) and Theoretical Economics, Finance and Statistics (TEFS)

Please note that the compulsory courses for the three curricula are the same except for the 3rd Term, in which ECOM students can chose between Game Theory or Econometrics Theory II. The ECON and TEFS students have instead Game Theory as a compusory course.

Introductory CoursesIntro Mathematics
De Blasi (30h)
Intro Statistics
Sabatino (20h)
Compulsory Courses1st Term (Sept – Dec)
Monzon (30h)
Econometric Theory I
Hinnosaar M. (30h)
2nd Term (Jan – Feb)General Equilibrium Theory
Gallice (16h)
Dynamic Macroeconomics
Stata Programming
Coda Moscarola (12h)
3rd Term (Feb – May) Applied Economics
Aparicio-Fenoll (30h)
Campanale (30h)
Econometrics Theory II
Mastrobuoni (30h)
Game Theory
Gerardi (30h)

In addition to the compulsory courses and curricula-specific compulsory courses, by the end of their second year students of the ECON and TEFS curricula must take optional courses for at least 150 hours (e.g., 5 courses of 30 hours), whereas students of the ECOM curriculum must take optional courses for at least 90 hours (e.g., 3 courses of 30 hours). The optional courses are listed in the table below.

Optional Courses1st Term (Sept – Dec)

Quantitative Numerical Economics
Garibaldi (15h)

Political Economics
Grillo (30h)

Theory of the Firm
Hinnosaar T. (30h)
Agent Based Modeling and Network Analysis
Terna (20h)
2nd Term (Jan – Feb)
Measure Theory
Lods (15h)

3rd Term (Feb – May)
Econometrics Theory II
Mastrobuoni (30h)

Gambetti (30h)

Development Economics
Morales (30h)

Financial Economics
Marfé (30h)

Decision Theory
Ghirardato (15h)

Game Theory
Gerardi (30h)