Cycle: XXXI

Curriculum: ECOM


Office Location: Campus Luigi Einaudi (1D 421)

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Research Interests

Economics of Innovation, Complex Networks Economics, Regional and Urban Economics

Short Bio

Carlo Bottai is currently a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto. As Visiting Fellow he spent a term at INET Oxford and one at CID at Harvard University. Before, he studied at the Universities of Florence and Bologna, and in 2015 he got a MA in Economics and Complexity at the Collegio Carlo Alberto of Turin.
His ongoing projects are about the evolution of the business community of Turin at the end of the Nineteenth century, and the birth of the local automotive industry; the knowledge structure of the European regions and its influence on their resilience after the Great Recession; and the ‘urban scaling’ measurement of the European metropolitan areas, with a specific focus on the influence of population size on patent production and knowledge recombination.


  • Phd “Vilfredo Pareto” in Economics, University of Turin (2015 – present)
  • MA in Economics and Complexity (MADAS), Collegio Carlo Alberto (2014)
  • MSc. in Economics, University of Bologna (2013)
  • BSc. in Political Science, University of Florence (2009)

Work in Progress

  • Following the Evolution of the Network: The Business Community of Tunin, 1883–1907
  • Measures of Regional Technological Diversification: A Critical Review
  • Technological Diversity and Resilience in Europe
  • Urban Scaling: A Panel Data Approach (with Nava C.)
  • Inter-industry Labor Flows in Italy: Constraints and Opportunities for a Technological Transition (with Guerzoni M.)
  • ReKS: Regional Knowledge Space (R Package)