Cycle: XXXII

Curriculum: ECON


Office Location: Campus Luigi Einaudi

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Research Interests

Environmental Economics, International Economics, Natural Resources Management, Policy Evaluation, Development Economics

Short Bio

I am an environmental economics researcher and expert in natural resources management. During my years of experience in American universities and institutions, I improved my knowledge on water resources management, with a strong focus on (transboundary) groundwater systems in hyper-arid environments. Currently, I am a PhD Candidate in Economics of the University of Turin and I work as a Research Associate in Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), member of Qatar Foundation. The core of my research is studying and modeling of the water resources depletion, the water-energy-food-security nexus and international trade. My main study area is the Middle East and North Africa region. I have acquired direct experience in project administration, collaborating in international projects with international agencies involved in social development and environmental sustainability (UNDP, USAID).


  • PhD “Vilfredo Pareto” in Economics, University of Turin (2016 – )
  • MA in Development, Environment and Cooperation: Environmental Economics and Politics, University of Turin (2013)
  • BA in Political Science and International Relations, University of Bologna (2011)

Work in Progress

  • Water Pricing for Agriculture in the Middle East and North Africa Region
  • Economic and environmental sustainability of autarkic food provision policies in case of shocks: the case of Qatar’s blockade.


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  • Mazzoni, A., Heggy, E. and Scabbia, G., 2018. Forecasting water budget deficits and groundwater depletion in the main fossil aquifer systems in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Global Environmental Change53, pp.157-173.
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  • Mazzoni, A., Heggy, E. and Scabbia, G., 2017, November. Understanding the Evolution of Water Deficit in the North African Region. In Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (pp. 849-851). Springer, Cham.


  • Research Associate in Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar (2016 – present)