Cycle: XXXIV

Curriculum: TEFS


Office Location: Collegio Carlo Alberto, Room 222 (2nd Floor)

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Research Interests

Mathematical Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics, Bounded Rationality.

Short Bio

After my MSc in Corporate Finance at University of Catania, under the supervision of prof. Giarlotta. I spent a 4 month research internship at Queen Mary University of London (Math department). There I focused on dynamics of novelties and innovations, under the supervision of prof. Vito Latora. In August 2017, I started the MA in Economics at Collegio Carlo Alberto. In June 2018, I enrolled in the Vilfredo Pareto Phd program, hosted by Collegio Alberto.


  • PhD “Vilfredo Pareto” in Economics, University of Turin (2018 – )
  • MA in Economics, Collegio Carlo Alberto (2018)
  • MSc in Corporate Finance, Università di Catania (2016)
  • BA in Business Economics, Università di Catania (2014)

Work in Progress

  • Ambition Vs Social Pressure, the “one-many” ordering, with prof. Giarlotta and prof. Reito